Visit the AT&T Park

May 15, 2018
Category: San Francisco Attractions

The AT&T Park in San Francisco is renowned for being the home of the San Francisco Giants, a major league baseball team. For many who are fans of the San Francisco Giant, the AT&T Park holds deep sentimental value. The park and stadium stand as iconic figures with a great deal of historical significance. This park and stadium is often the venue of many events and sports events in San Francisco, making it the perfect place to visit for major league baseball fans.

About the AT&T Park

The stadium within AT&T Park in San Francisco has a very exciting history behind it.  The park and stadium were built upon another park area, previously called Candlestick Park. This park was the first privately financed major league baseball field following Dodger Stadium. The AT&T Park was opened in 2000, and cost a total of $357 million dollars to build. Named after a corporate sponsorship, the AT&T Park construction ensured the establishment of the San Francisco Giants within the City of San Francisco. Were it not for the construction of the park and stadium, the San Francisco Giants were liable to move to a city in Florida instead.

The area surrounding the AT&T Park is considered to be very friendly and welcoming; all who visit the area are met with an inviting demeanor. With highlights such as these, a visit to this park and stadium is a must.

There are plenty of highlights and things to do while visiting the AT&T Park in San Francisco. The park and stadium offer guided tours of the area while exploring the rich history of the park. Apart from baseball games, there are events hosted regularly at the AT&T Park. Some annual events include LGBT Night at AT&T Park, the Giant Race, concerts held within the park, and much more. These events are hosted regularly and often; more information on upcoming events can be found here. The park even has several attractions within it, such as the Yard at Mission Rock, the Coca-Cola Fan Lot, and the Giants Dugout Store. Each of these attractions contributes to the park’s historical significance, making every trip to the AT&T Park an exciting and educational experience.

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